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Hologram navigation and holograms for children's contents play devices are available as a patented technology for mobile convergence solutions.It is a venture company that started in Pohang in 2015. We hope that all of you who invest in the value of our employees and companies will become economically prosperous.Future society thinks that there will be many ICT equipment innovations in the category of vehicle convergence solution, which is called convergence in convergence. Connected Car products of various imported vehicles and domestic vehicles are appearing on the vehicle as a vehicle S / W platform (AUTOSAR). If you do not design from H / W to S / W, You can fall in.

It is a company that produces only H / Ws. It has a large sales, but it is devoid of profitable companies. It owns a research institute attached to its own company and owns a patent right in the enterprise itself, thereby contributing to local economic development, job creation, and corporate social contribution. I hope it becomes the main information system.My beginning was weak, but my later days will be exceedingly great. Job 8: 7I hope to become a company that develops with a long-term plan.

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Company name : Main Information System │ CEO : Park, Ick Hyun │ Representative number : 054-274-1003
Address :1st floor, MAIN INFO, 859, Huimang-daero, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea |E-mail : rokmc748@chol.com
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