● Synchronization Let's introduce the application after it is good.

Due to the nature of the Marine Corps, we have strengthened the unity of our motives and created and distributed a global community for justice and freedom.
Representative is the Marine Corps 748 mobile and automobile convergence solution provider company, Main Information System Co., Ltd. (www.maininfo.co.kr) rokmc748@chol.com designed and produced in the motivation, the good solution is provided in both PC version and mobile version It is a community focused on simultaneous conversations and simultaneous notifications. In addition, it provides discount discounts of the most interesting post-career / joint purchase (mobile / car / computer / marine mark / travel / real estate etc.) of the most interested since the whole world, and also provides the sights and food of Pohang city, I would like to be able to find Pohang once again and become a center for publicity.

I hope you do not forget the spirit of the Marine Corps in all things after the marines love, motive love, Pohang love, marine love.

Once a Marine is an eternal Marine! Let's do it!

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